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The Legacy Continues

The Story Continues - A New Generation of Innovation

As the torch of culinary excellence passed from Dipak Kumar Singh to his sons, Yash and Arnish Singh, the legacy of Munna Maharaj entered a new era. Yash, with his keen eye for international flavors and contemporary trends, and Arnish, with his expertise in operations and logistics, have brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the family business. Their contributions have not only enhanced the culinary offerings but also led to the creation of new ventures like Bowl Curry, a brand specializing in frozen and ready-to-eat meals.


Culinary Memories Across the Globe

Bringing Indian Flavors to the World

Munna Maharaj has become a global name in luxury catering, creating unforgettable culinary experiences at prestigious international destinations. From the beaches of Phuket to the vibrant streets of Istanbul and the historical charm of Paris, our culinary team has brought the magic of Munna Maharaj to weddings and events worldwide.

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Partnering for Culinary Excellence

Crafting Unique Dining Experiences

In our quest to stay at the forefront of culinary innovation, Munna Maharaj collaborates with renowned brands like Bombay Canteen. These partnerships allow us to blend traditional flavors with contemporary techniques, creating unique and memorable dining experiences. We are continually seeking new collaborations in the culinary space to elevate our offerings and provide unforgettable experiences.


Building Strong Relationships

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

For decades, Munna Maharaj has built a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our relationships with trusted suppliers ensure the finest ingredients, while our dedicated team, personally trained by Munna Maharaj himself, guarantees an exceptional dining experience. Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us the caterer of choice for India’s most prestigious families, including the Mittals and Birlas.

Crafting Culinary Excellence

The Four Pillars of Our Legacy

Fresh Inspiration

Our journey starts with the finest ingredients, hand-picked to create innovative recipes that tantalize the palate.

Meticulous Execution

Every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of your event, from flawless service to artistic plating.

Heritage with a Twist

We honor our rich culinary heritage while exploring new flavors, creating a captivating fusion.

Long-Simmering Relationships

We build deep, flavorful connections, walking with you through life’s significant milestones.

Turning Moments into Memories

Creating Masterpieces for Every Occasion

At Munna Maharaj, we transform every event into a masterpiece. Our expertise in traditional regional cuisines, combined with modern techniques, creates a rich and diverse dining experience. Whether it’s a sophisticated plated dinner or a lively reception, we tailor our services to suit the unique essence of your occasion.


The Scions of the Munna Maharaj Food Empire

Fondly nicknamed Munna for being the youngest,

Dipak took on the family business early on after his

father's passing to support his family. Evolving

from a halwai to a catering giant, he created a

legacy that has transformed the culinary tapestry

over decades.

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